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Anesthetic Monitoring Equipment

Rat on table with anesthesia When it comes to helping exotic pets live a long and healthy life, our team is happy to assist with all of your veterinary needs. However, there are times when helping our feathered, scaled, or extra small patients requires specific anesthetic monitoring equipment.

As an exotic pet animal clinic, at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic we have various types of technical modifications that make it possible to monitor and control an animal, reptile, or bird’s temperature, oxygen levels, blood pressure, and more while under anesthesia. This allows our team to provide the best care available, while still taking lifesaving measures during the veterinary care process.

Types of Equipment Used to Monitor Vital Condition During Anesthesia

While it is next to impossible to list out everything we use while your exotic pet is under anesthesia. However, a few of the most common elements we monitor are:

  • Heart rate
  • Pulse
  • Carbon monoxide expulsion
  • Blood pressure
  • Oxygenation
  • Electrocardiography

Essentially, these are the same things we look for in cats or dogs during surgery. But with exotic pets like rodents or birds, certain pieces of equipment have to be modified or outright altered to enable effective and accurate readings.

Is Anesthesia Safe for Exotic Pets?

In most cases, general anesthesia is perfectly safe for most exotic pets. However, there are certain circumstances where it might not be a good idea or where the particular breed or species of the animal doesn’t take well to the process.

Before any type of anesthesia is used, our team at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic will evaluate the situation and make a determination if this type of medication should be used for the particular procedure or current status of the pet’s health.

Let Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic Help with All Your Exotic Pet Veterinary Needs

As trained veterinary professionals, we’re here to help day or night with all health conditions related to your exotic pet’s wellness. Should your reptile, bird, rodent, or other animal need surgery, we’ll make a determination as to whether the use of anesthesia is appropriate and will use all recommended anesthetic monitoring equipment to ensure their safety during the procedure.

Is your exotic pet in need of quality veterinary care? Please contact us 800-462-8749 today to schedule an appointment.


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