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Small Mammal Dental and Molar Trimming

Rabbit with front teeth showing Humans and pets alike require a regular dental evaluation and occasional treatment to preserve comfortable chewing function and optimal systemic health. However, while the dental troubles of dogs and cats substantially resemble those of humans, small mammals can encounter additional difficulties that call for specialized care. Our veterinary team at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic can provide this care for the small mammal in your life.

Special Dental Challenges of Small Mammals

Many of the small mammals kept as pets have open-rooted teeth that grow continuously throughout their lives (ferrets serving as a notable exception). In the wild, constant chewing on hay, seeds, and other tough foods keep these teeth at a reasonable length.  Under domestic conditions, however, these teeth can often grow to the point that they cause dental trouble. This is especially true for animals such as rabbits, gerbils, chinchillas, and guinea pigs. The cramped arrangement of these animals' mouth often leads to abnormal bite, or malocclusion, that encourages even worse dental overgrowth. Overgrowth of the cheek teeth (molars) can damage the animal's oral cavity.

You may not be able to see any of your small mammal's teeth apart from the front incisors but can sometimes tell when your pet has a dental problem nonetheless. Watch for symptoms such as tooth grinding, drooling, loss of appetite for tough foods, weight loss, facial swelling, and head tilt.

Skilled Small Mammal Dentistry From Our Veterinary Team at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic in San Diego

Dr. Anderson knows how to address the unusual dental needs of small mammals. We conduct regular dental checkups as a part of your pet's wellness exam, checking for cracks, breakage, abscesses, and signs of malocclusion-based overgrowth. If necessary, we can administer extractions or other forms of treatment. We can also perform molar trimming to keep the teeth at a healthy, comfortable level.

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Dr. Anderson at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic is ready to help your small mammal enjoy a happier, healthier life through preventative dentistry and dental treatment. Contact us at 800-462-8749 today to schedule a veterinary dental evaluation.


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