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Behavioral Counseling for Exotic Pets

Is your exotic pet exhibiting bad behavior? Is it keeping the family up at night or having trouble with potty training? Behavioral counseling for exotic pets is just as therapeutic for animals as it is for humans. But when dealing with furry or feathered friends, counseling is geared more toward breaking bad behaviors than it is with changing a negative mindset. Your exotic pet may benefit from behavioral counseling if it's displaying common behavioral problems, including:

  • Aggression
  • Destructive chewing
  • Defiance
  • House-training issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Trauma

Any of these common disorders can turn a happy household into a chaotic conundrum overnight. But you don't have to rehome your exotic pet to find help. Dr. Anderson here in San Diego can help cure your pet of unwanted behaviors through counseling, much like a human psychiatrist. 

Boredom in Pets

Two lizards in the terranium Sometimes, simple boredom is at the core of behavioral problems, especially with exotic pets. If your pet's habitat isn't suitable, this could be a trigger. For instance, if you have a pet that needs more space than you're able to provide -- such as a flying squirrel that needs tons of vertical space and branches to climb -- he or she may act out because they're bored. 

Pets that spend too much time alone or too much time in an enclosure may also suffer from boredom. Our team at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic can use behavioral counseling for exotic pets to help you determine whether your pet is having emotional problems or if they're just plain bored. 

Anxiety in Pets

Many animals, even exotic ones such as prairie dogs, need mates or buddies nearby to be truly happy. If you adopt an animal that's used to living in a colony and then house him or her in an enclosure away from others of its kind, your pet may become anxious or depressed. Behavioral counseling for exotic pets can help in this discovery. Then it's just a matter of adopting a second pet to keep everyone happy. 

Pet Depression

Pets can become depressed, just like people. Often, this is a result of being left alone for long periods of time throughout the day. If you work long hours or are gone much of the time, this can be hard on your pet, even if you have someone stopping by regularly to dish out food and water. Pets need the love and attention of their owners, especially exotic pets.

Behavioral Counseling for Exotic Pets Can Help

When you bring your pet in for an evaluation, we'll sit down with you to try and troubleshoot the issue. Usually, only moderate changes are needed to bring your pet into line with your wishes. You'll both be happier and healthier for it. Book a consultation with our caring veterinary team today by calling us at 800-462-8749. 


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